What To Expect

Our goal once you’ve made contact with our office is to provide you with the top chiropractor customer service with a real concern for you as an individual. You will be greeted by a warm and genuinely friendly voice when making your first appointment and each visit after that. You will feel welcomed and appreciated as one of our patients.

Our office is modern with great attention placed on your comforts and needs. All new chiropractic patients begin their care with a consultation with the doctor. During the consultation our doctor will allow you to tell your story. The doctor will then ask you a series of questions regarding your health problems. This will allow our doctor to make an honest determination if you have a condition that modern chiropractic treatment can help.

If you are a candidate for evaluation, our doctor will proceed with an appropriate examination. This examination will include an assessment of your overall health followed by specific neurological and orthopedic tests. Our doctor will also include specific tests that are unique to chiropractic care. If your history, age and condition warrants x-ray examination, then we will do that as well. Not all patients receive x-ray examination, however we do use a high frequency digital system that is modern and limits the amount of exposure to the patient.

Once we have the results of your examination, a report of finding is given to the patient. We want you to better understand your specific problems, so that you and your family can make good decisions about what is necessary to help you to feel better.

At the center of our treatment plan is the spinal adjustment. We utilize a variety of techniques to realign the spine and to restore function. Most patients are pleasantly surprised at the gentle nature of these adjustments. We follow a strict protocol each time the patient is here so that you can be assured that you are receiving exact and very specific corrections.

Often times we will also use a variety of physical therapy modalities following the adjustments. These physical therapy techniques are designed to reduce your pain and muscle tension as quickly as possible. We will also encourage specific range of motion and flexibility exercises. Our doctors and therapists will encourage healthy lifestyle choices from drinking enough water, to managing your diet and stress and getting enough rest.

Your treatment plan may last from a few weeks to several months. Natural conservative healthcare takes time and repetition to be effective. Your doctor will monitor your progress and will perform periodic progress evaluations. You will always be informed about your current status and what the clear next steps will be going forward.