Spinal Manipulation

The main goal of spinal manipulation by our chiropractors is to restore or enhance joint function. We perform spinal manipulation to resolve joint inflammation and to reduce pain. Spinal adjustment is the most important aspect of your chiropractic care. Our doctors use a variety of adjustment techniques to help realign your spine and restore optimal function of the nervous system.

All new patients begin their care with a consultation with one of our doctors. During your initial no charge consultation our new patients have the opportunity to discuss their health concerns with the doctor. This gives our doctors the opportunity to decide if chiropractic can best help your particular condition.

Following the initial consultation, your doctor will perform a specific orthopedic and neurological examination in addition to a traditional medical assessment. Your doctor will also perform a series of tests that are specific to chiropractic care.  We also have a digital x-ray machine to further enhance the quality of your examination.

During your examination the doctor may be able to uncover an irritation to your nervous system. Every single function that your body performs including pain has a neurological component. It is common to note increased or decreased muscular tone in our chiropractic patients.

We often find that chronic problems will result in muscular spasms or perhaps even muscular atrophy. The connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons including the intervertebral discs could be substantially damaged. Left untreated, it is common to see destructive wear and tear in the spine as well as the joints of the extremities.

A loss of normal mobility is one of the most common findings associated with the typical chiropractic patient. Our goal through spinal manipulation is to restore that mobility to help you feel better.