Payment Options

Our financial policy requires that new patients pay for their first day’s services at the time of service. We must be able to verify your insurance coverage before we can accept partial payments, or co-payments. Copayments, co-insurance and payments made toward items not covered by insurance may be made on a per visit basis or at the end of a week if you sign a financial agreement/credit card guarantee form. We are happy to accept your check, cash, Master Card, Visa, or Discover.

Group or Individual Health Insurance

Please provide us with your insurance card (s) so that we may keep a copy in your chart. This information is vital to assist us with timely and accurate billing with your insurance company. As a courtesy to you we will always try to call to verify benefits on your insurance. However, the benefits quoted to us by your insurance company are NOT a guarantee of payment. Payment will be due by you at the time of service for any co-payment, deductible or any non-covered services. The patient is responsible for any services or supplies that are listed as “non covered” or deemed “investigational” by the insurance company.


We accept assignment from Medicare which means that we do not charge more than Medicare allows for spinal manipulation. Medicare covers 80% of what they allow after your deductible has been satisfied. Manipulation of the spine is the only service that Medicare covers for Chiropractic. Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, equipment and other types of services are not covered.

We will forward your “Medicare Explanation of Benefits” on to any supplemental insurance you may have. Some supplemental policies will cover the other 20% depending on your benefits. Some supplemental policies will cover only Medicare covered charges and others will cover Medicare non-covered charges as well. Some supplemental policies have a deductible to satisfy.

We will let you know your benefits as soon as we can call to verify your supplemental coverage. In addition, Medicare does not cover any visits that are in the Maintenance Phase of care. The doctor will discuss with you when you have entered the Maintenance Phase of care. We will ask you to sign an Advanced Beneficiary Notice. This form states that you have been notified and that you are aware that Medicare will probably not cover the visit because it is a Maintenance Visit. A denial by Medicare for a Maintenance Visit may be covered by your supplemental insurance.


Workers Compensation (On the Job Injury)

If you are injured on the job, your treatment may be paid for under your employer’s Worker’s Compensation insurance. Prior to treatment commencing, your employer must provide us with approval and the appropriate information allowing us to provide you care. You will need to inform your employer about the accident and obtain the name and address of the carrier of your employer’s insurance. Please complete the company’s forms prior to seeing the doctor. If your work comp claim were to be denied, you are ultimately financially responsible for any charges for your care.

Secondary Insurance

Please inform us of any secondary insurance you may have. If the policy is in a name other than yours, please provide us with that person’s name, date of birth, SSN, and your relationship to that person. This information is vital for accurate and timely filing with your insurance.