Low Back Pain – Lower-Back Pain Springfield MO

Low Back Pain - Lower-Back Pain Springfield MO

Low Back Pain

Low back pain accounts for the majority of chief complaints seen in our clinic.  In the general population, approximately 80% of adults will have a disabling event of lower-back pain (LBP) sometime during their lifetime.  However, a far smaller percentage will complain of pain lasting more than 2 weeks.  Per statistics, 90% of patients with LBP will self-resolve within 1 month.  However, the remaining group account for a large financial and social burden for society.

Clinically determining the exact cause of LBP is often difficult.  Literally any structure in the lower back that has a neurological component could be a potential source of pain.  Although it is clinically difficult, some diagnosis can be made based on a combination of radiographic or special studies.  Approximately 40% of patients will have lower-back pain due to joint involvement.  About 5% will have a disc herniation.  Smaller percentages will have fractures, bony defects and a variety of arthritis beyond the much more common osteoarthritis.  Fortunately, malignant neoplasms account for only 1% of all cases of lower back pain and spinal infection accounts for only .01% of lower back pain cases.

The effectiveness of chiropractic manipulation in the treatment of lower back pain has been recognized in several ways.  Numerous past studies have also demonstrated the cost effectiveness of chiropractic care.  Patient satisfaction has also been demonstrated.