Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Interferential current (or IFC) is a specific electro therapy that is utilized commonly by our therapists. The IFC machine produces an electrical current that passes through the affected area of the patient. This is not the same thing as a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (or TENS) unit as the IFC tends to penetrate deeper and has a number of physiological effects that have therapeutic value which include:

  • An increase in localized blood flow which can improve healing by reducing swelling. This is achieved as the increased volume of blood can take the edematous fluid with it. This results in removing damaged tissue and facilitating a natural healing in the injured area.
  • The stimulation of local nerve cells can have a pain reducing analgesic effect. Different frequencies of stimulation results in your body’s release of pain reducing endorphins to help treat lower-back pain as well as other areas.
  • Utilizing electrical current will create muscular contraction which might be inhibited by local injury or swelling. We have found IFC very beneficial to improve limitations in active range of motion and to reduce muscular hypertonicity.

The patient should not feel any discomfort from the application of the interferential current. During the treatment the patient will feel a tingling sensation at the contact area. Most of our patients describe this sensation as a pleasant feeling. We always strive to maintain the intensity of the treatment at a comfortable level and never should the intensity be so high as to be uncomfortable. The tingling sensation may continue for a brief period following the treatment.